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Hout Bay (Wood Bay) was first named Chapman's Chaunce and it was also the first English name to appear on the maps of southern Africa. The name derives from John Chapman, Masters mate on the English ship "consent" who in 1607, was sent into the bay to assess its potential as a harbour after the "consent" was becalmed This was the first written account of Hout Bay. Shortly after van Riebeeck landed at the Cape in 1652 he visited Hout Bay and proclaimed the forest there as being the "finest forest in the world" and it was he who gave it the name "Houtbaaitjen". Chapmans Peak Drive, also named after John Chapman, was built using prison labour and was first opened to the public in 1922. It is said to be one of the worlds' most scenic drive. There was once an area where wild animals roamed free but, sadly, the last leopard was seen here in the 1930's. The bronze leopard sculptured by local artist Ivan Mitford-Barberton, was placed on its rocky pedestal at the foot of Chapmans Peak Drive in 1963.

Hout Bay is one of the most beautiful and popular places on the Cape Peninsula and a highlight of any visit to Cape Town. The access road that runs from Camps Bay, offers a beautiful drive all along the sea. The town lies picturesquely in a wind-protected bay, surrounded in the west by the Karbonkel Mountain, the famous Mount Sentinel as the outpost in the sea and in the east, by the Constantia Mountains and Chapmans Peak.

Hout Bay is the centre of the crayfish and snoek fishing industry, and its fishing harbour gives the little coastal town a lively atmosphere. But today, its main economic contributor is tourism. After all, the attractions of this beautiful situated place are numerous. Other than hiking, sailing, surfing, kayaking, fishing, cycling, having a picnic or sun tanning at the beach, there is not much one can't do in Hout Bay. And the scenic Chapmans Peak drive, the harbour, the bird park and Seal Island are all part of it.

Hout Bay is a social village: people meet and chat in cafés and there is a main street lined with interesting shops and an excellent craft market on the village green every Sunday. The busy harbour is the centre for the snoek, tuna and crayfishing fleets.

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